29 Nov

Doctor Murray Completes Run The World Challenge

Dr Andrew Murray (second from right) after completing his challenge in Sydney.

Dr Andrew Murray has completed the final 50km of his seven-stage Run the World challenge, finishing at the Opera House in Sydney earlier today. He started the challenge in Antarctica last Friday, and has since run 50km in Santiago, Atlanta, London, Cairo and Dubai.

The Scottish government's physical activity champion said afterwards "It's been a fantastic experience."

He explained that his reasons for taking on the challenge were: "To draw attention to the benefits of physical activity for health. We know that only 30 minutes of activity, and that can be anything - walking, running, cycling - whatever it is, done five times per week can help prevent a premature death."

The challenge involved running an ultra marathon on seven continents (3,500 km in total) in seven days or less with only the 41,000 km of flying giving the 32-year-old the opportunity to sleep. He admitted rest was something he struggled with on the plane: "There was someone sitting next to me snoring like a rogue elephant. It's very difficult to sleep in these circumstances, but you do your best.

"Every single day there have been times that I just don't want to put one foot in front of the other, that I want to give up. Part of it is about just recognising that you have the opportunity to go to these amazing places."

Dr Murray has been supported by hundreds of people who have been completing a 5k walk/jog/run/bike on each day of the Run the World challenge. For more information visit the 5x50 website.