26 Nov

Dave Doubles Up


After hearing the heart-rending story on his local radio station of a three-year-old girl with a debilitating condition, Dave Coard decided to do something different for this year\'s Luton marathon. He decided to he would run last Sunday\'s event twice in order to raise money for Jenifer Clare.

The youngster was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a rare condition which means her limbs are stiff and she is unable to stand up or walk. Her only hope of not spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair is the possibility of an operation available in the USA which costs £40,000.

49 year old Coard was so taken by the story that he pledged to run the Luton marathon twice on Sunday, November 20 to raise sponsorship money for Jen.

Dave, a veteran of 11 marathons said: "Luton is known for being one of the toughest marathons out there. But in the lead up to this race I was just looking for something a little different, then when I heard Jen on the radio, I realised that was it.

"She was at the finish line to present me with my medal. I had to start at 6am and the race referee was there with a couple of bike riders, as it was so dark. Then I joined the rest of the field for the second.

My first marathon I think I did it in about 3:50 and in the end my official time was 9 hours and 54 seconds. It was unknown territory for me, but I think I have now got the bug for it. It was also really nice to do it for charity."

To find out more about Jenifer Clare, and to donate, please visit the With A Little Kindness website.