29 Jun

Conway Conquers Longest Ever Triathlon

Sean Conway on completing his hostoric triathlon

Endurance adventurer Sean Conway rewrote the history books and redefined the meaning of the word ‘extreme’ with his successful completion of the British Ultra Triathlon.

The 35-year-old extreme endurance athlete cycled, ran and swam his way around the coastline of mainland Britain – nearly 4,200 miles of it - in what is the greatest challenge of his career. This makes him the only person in history to have achieved this incredible feat. 
Conway took 85 days, 5 hours and 45 minutes to circumnavigate the coastline and was unsupported throughout. He carried all his kit including a tent and a bamboo bike called ‘Matilda’, and this even accompanied him on his homemade raft nicknamed ‘Rafty McRaftface’.
The route started with the bike leg of 3,350 miles from Lulworth Cove to Scarborough before the transition to the run discipline. He ran more than a marathon each day across 33 days before reaching Brighton and the start of the final leg, the swim across the Solent and back to Lulworth Cove in Dorset. 
He required 5,000 calories each day and this was no mean feat in itself, requiring him to be resourceful in his choice and location of food. It ranged from foraged wild garlic leaves to liquidised roast dinners!
He was self-sufficient but he had huge support and interest via social media and a real-time tracker on the Discovery UK website. With regular blogs to fans, providing updates and invitations to join him on any of the stages reached more than four million people as a result. 
The Discovery UK channel will broadcast a three-part documentary, Sean Conway – On The Edge, for public viewing on the 31 August. 
Photo courtesy of Discovery UK Channel.