9 Oct

Still Chance For London Marathon

Virgin London MarathonMissed out on a ballot place for the 2015 Virgin London Marathon? Considering how much demand outweighs the number of places available, there is probably quite a high chance. Well, all is not lost quite yet: the event is once again supporting UK-based, affiliated clubs with a number of entries for the race.

Clubs that are associated with UK Athletics or a Home Country governing body (for Scotland, this is Scottish Athletics), will be allocated places for the event. The number is dependent on how many athletes over the age of 18 the club has registered with their governing body and follows this quota:

  • Up to 50 members – 1 place
  • 51 – 100 – 2 places
  • 101- 200 – 3 places
  • 201 – 300 – 4 places
  • 301 + - places

To ensure your club is receiving its maximum allocation, all of its members must be registered. You can also claim your club entry places here.