20 Dec

Christmas Foods For Your List

Tasty brussel sprouts

Ah Christmas, a time when mountains of fatty foods are placed on the table, family commitments stack up and the roads freeze up – all in all, it can be a tricky time to keep on top of your running fitness.

Now, if the temperature plummets, there’s always the option of crunching through the frost on off-road trails and tracks – so there’s no excuse there.

As for avoiding the trip to Aunt Elsie’s house for the family Christmas gathering of dry turkey and Charades, well, you’re on your own with that one.

But when it comes to eating healthy at Christmas, it’s all in your court. You’ve only one person to blame if your nutrition goes way off track. It might be impossible to be a complete angel over Christmas, but here are a few seasonal foods that can keep your diet in check.

Sprouts – widely disliked, yet virtually compulsory on the Christmas dinner. Packed with Vitamins C and K, they also help with cardiovascular health by triggering anti-inflammatory activity. So, grit your teeth and gulp them down.

Walnuts – when the basket of nuts and the nutcracker arrive, it is an opportunity to boost your stamina. Walnuts have been proven to reduce fatigue and help elevate exercise tolerance and stamina. So get cracking.

Turkey – stick with the white meat though, it’s much lower in fat than the dark meat. Turkey is rich in protein too with muscle building properties.

Tangerines – an oldie, but a goldie. Still finds it’s way into many people’s Christmas stocking. Make sure it finds its way to your stomach too. Packed with nutrients to aid the health of all parts of the body, from cell DNA to the bones and heart.

Oh and don't forget to run too...that might help.

Merry Christmas!