29 Mar

Cherries Moving Up The Field

Montmerency cherries

Runners will be interested to learn that cherries are on their way to becoming the latest fruit to achieve 'superfruit' status amid growing evidence of their many health benefits. Although apple and orange still dominate globally, cherries featured in 7 per cent of juice drink launches in 2011 - up from 4 per cent five years earlier - according to recent market research.

Fuelling the interest in cherry juice is the growing evidence of the health benefits associated with the fruit. It has extremely high antioxidant content but newer research has also shown that tart cherries, such as Montmorency cherries, help to improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation and speed muscle recovery. There is also evidence that tart cherries can help combat arthritis and reduce the risk of gout.

Lu Ann Williams at research specialist Innova Market Insights said: "Cherry juices are increasing in popularity and increasingly carrying a 'superfruit' branding in the wake of a growing body of research linking tart cherries to a whole range of health benefits. This, combined with their unique sweet-sour taste properties, looks set to boost demand and carry cherries even further up the rankings for soft drinks flavour use."

The cherry's claim to 'superfruit' status has been further enhanced by another report - The Red Report - which includes more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific studies on tart cherries.

Helping to launch the report, US health expert Dr Wendy Bazilian said: "The power of this super fruit is clear. It is remarkable just how far tart cherries have come in the last few years. For example, the fruit has long been believed to have pain relief benefits, but today there is strong and significant evidence to back this up."

Cherrygood, the UK's leading cherry juice, has recently launched two new products and spokesperson said: "There is no question that consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the many health and lifestyle benefits associated with tart cherries. We are responding to this by introducing new products into our range."

More information at the Cherrygood website.