4 Mar

Checkpoints Challenge

Paula RadcliffePaula Radcliffe has given an innovative new race her seal of approval. The Checkpoints Race allows runners around the world to compete in teams for the chance to take part in a finale in the French Alps.

Runners create teams of five (or sign up as individuals and are linked with four other individual runners to make up a team), then between 11 May and 30 August the teams collect Energy Points. At the end of the four-month period the 50 teams from around the world with the most Energy Points are given the chance to take part in an all-expenses-paid race in the French Alps.

Paula Radcliffe said of the event: "What's great about this race is that you don't necessarily need to be an elite to get a chance of winning; if you've got a great team of supporters who run for you, you have as much of a chance of winning".

Teams collect Energy Points in three ways:

•   By running themselves — distance, speed and elevation gain all contribute to Energy Points

•   Through the efforts of their supporters who run and add Energy Points to the team's total

•   By completing challenges that are communicated to the teams via the downloadable Checkpoints Race app

The unique structure to the competition means that it is not necessarily the fastest runners or those who run the furthest who will win a trip to France. A team with many supporters and a determination to complete all the challenges can be at the finale through collecting Energy Points that don't just come from their running.

For more information, go to the event website.