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  • Brits Take On Death Valley Challenge

    8 Jun 2015

    Two British brothers are hoping to set a world record for the fastest double crossing of California’s Death Valley on foot.

  • Ultimate Success For British Forrest Gump

    5 May 2015

    Extreme endurance adventurer Sean Conway – aka the British Forrest Gump – has completed the Ultimate British Triathlon

  • Britain's Forest Gump Tackles Triathlon

    9 Apr 2015

    Sean Conway - aka Britain's answer to Forrest Gump - is currently running through Scotland as he completes the final leg of the 'Ultimate British Traithlon'.

  • Fat Bloke Getting Fitter

    8 Mar 2015

    Up and Running’s Jonathan Midwood continues with his ‘Fat Bloke Gets Fit’ challenge which will see him tackle his first race in 12 years.

  • Get Five Times Fitter With 5x50

    5 Mar 2015

    The annual 5x50 Challenge returns on 29 March and is five times easier to take part in this year.

  • Mo Makes It 100 In 100

    5 Dec 2014

    Maurice Donohue completed his challenge to complete 100 half marathons in 100 weeks on Sunday (30 November).

  • Run Geordie Run Going Global

    27 Oct 2014

    ark Allison aka Run Geordie Run has finally revealed that his next challenge will be to run around the world.

  • Mo Goes For Hundred Halfs

    17 Apr 2014

    Following his Mo Go 50 challenge last year, Maurice Donohue is continuing the challenge this year and hopes to complete another 50 half marathons by the end of the year.

  • 5x50 Challenge Returns!

    25 Mar 2014

    Excitement is building for the 2014 5x50 challenge with less than a week until it starts on Sunday (30 March).

  • Mack To The Future

    3 Mar 2014

    Ultra runner, Craig Mackay, has set himself the target of running six extreme challenges in just 12 weeks this summer.

  • William Aims For 2014 in 2014

    23 Jan 2014

    William Robertson is aiming to run 2014 miles in 2014 to raise money for Yorkhill Children's Charity.

  • Run Geordie Run Feeling The Heat

    14 Dec 2013

    Things are hotting up for Mark Allison (aka Run Geordie Run) as he continues his 2,600-mile Benfield Australia Run.

  • Mo Masters Half Marathon Challenge

    12 Dec 2013

    West Dunbartonshire jogscotland leader Maurice Donohue has completed his MO GO 50 Challenge, which saw him run 50 half marathons throughout 2013.

  • Run Geordie Run Discovers Magical Door

    30 Nov 2013

    After announcing last week that he'd be revealing big news, all eyes were on Mark Allison, aka Run Geordie Run's Twitter feed on Monday morning.

  • Run Geordie Run Battles Through Pain Barrier

    2 Nov 2013

    Mark Allison, aka Run Geordie Run, is battling through the pain barrier as he continues his 2,600 mile challenge across Australia.

  • Run Geordie Run Completes Week One

    26 Oct 2013

    Mark Allison aka Run Geordie Run, has completed the first week of his Benfield Australia Run.

  • The Mo The Merrier

    10 Jun 2013

    West Dunbartonshire jogscotland leader Maurice Donohue is inviting runners to join him as he takes part in his 25th race of his MO GO 50 Challenge. .

  • Doc Heading To Africa

    6 Jun 2013

    Dr Andrew Murray is heading to East Africa to find out why the region is such a hotbed of running talent.

  • Brave, Bold, Hot and Cold

    8 Apr 2013

    Paul Gurney is aiming to be one of only three people in history to compete in two of the toughest races in the world.

  • Marathon Matthew Aiming For 30 In 30

    27 Feb 2013

    Matthew Loddy is attempting to run 30 marathons in 30 days around Britain and is inviting locals to join him.