30 Dec

Dog Day In Stirling

Canicross runner with dog

Canicross enthusiasts in Scotland have an early opportunity to get into action at Stirling’s Plean Country Park on 25 January. The fun event starts at 9:30am and is being sponsored by Ruff-It.co.uk. Company owner, Chris Wood says: “I stumbled upon canicross about 18 months ago and couldn’t wait to give it a go. I run with Leonard, my border terrier, and he absolutely loves it.”

Chris continued: “The perception can be that canicross is just for huskies and bigger dogs but really it is for all dogs. In fact, it is for all owners too! I myself would not class myself as a very fit person but I can get round a 5k route pretty well, and sometimes I am not last.”

There are lots of groups in Scotland that hold regular runs - a recent event at Lochore (Fife) attracted over 100 runners. The Plean Country Park might not hit the 100 mark but I am sure it will be a busy fun event :) and you will find most of them have a Facebook page, or even a website. You can also get in touch with Ruff-It.co.uk for more information on how to get involved and for friendly advice on equipment.

Canicross started in Northern Europe as a way to keep sled dogs fit during the summer months. It is basically cross country running with a dog and uses similar equipment to traditional sledding.

Participants wear a special belt and are attached to the dog’s harness by an elasticated lead. Canicross is a pastime growing in popularity as more and more dog owners recognise it's a great way to stay fit and also to exercise their dogs in a fun environment.

More details at the Ruff-It.co.uk website.