8 Jan

Take your running in a new direction - try orienteering

Runners of all ages looking for a new challenge in the New Year are welcome to join the Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club (ESOC) at their local event this Saturday (12 January).

Held on the Cammo Estate near Cramond, Edinburgh, this afternoon session is suitable for everyone, whatever their age, level of fitness or experience of orienteering. 
As parkland with some wooded areas and a good network of paths, the Cammo Estate is ideal terrain for anyone wanting to give the sport a try.
As usual at ESOC local events there will be White (very easy courses with all controls on paths, mainly used by 6–10 year olds and family groups), Yellow (courses with simple linear features like paths, walls and streams, used by under 12s and family groups) and Orange (courses making use of a compass and route choice, ideal for novice adults or experienced youngsters) options for newcomers and improvers, as well as a course suitable for experienced orienteers. 
Help will be available for beginners, who can take part on their own or in a group. 
Registration for beginners will run from 1.30pm–2.30pm, and for experienced orienteers from 1.30pm–3pm. 
Given the time of year, organisers advise all intending orienteers to arrive early: “Everyone is very welcome. But whether you’re a newcomer or have been to a lot of events, please try to come and start early if you think you might take a long time over your course.” 
All courses close at 4pm, and controls will start to be brought in at this time.
No pre-entry is possible, but forms may be filled out in advance to save time on the day. Dogs kept under close control are allowed.
For more information, detailed maps and guidance on what to expect, see the Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club website or contact them via email.