4 Nov

Bupa Great Run Launches Training Service

Great Run Training

Bupa Great Run, the UK's most popular mass-participation events series, has announced the launch of Great Run Training. The free digital training service provides tailored training, designed to suit individual's lifestyle and level of ability - from complete beginner to seasoned pro.

The service gives users a personal training plan which automatically adapts to individuals based on their feedback and rate of progress. By logging activity in a personal training diary, users can clearly monitor weekly progress, and see a motivational, visual representation of their achievements.

Product development manager, Andy Graffin, who also represented Great Britain at Olympic and World Championship level, said: "One of our key aims was to provide support for all of our runners, regardless of their running experience. We know that the hardest step towards making a lifestyle change, or increasing your usual level of activity, is knowing where to start. We understand that managing your own training can be daunting, especially when many of the training programmes already on the market rely on a 'one size fits all' approach.

"We've developed Great Run Training to take the uncertainty out of the process, creating a free service that will adapt based on your own level of improvement. Talking to thousands of runners of all abilities at our events over the past three decades has given us a unique insight into individual training experiences, meaning Great Run Training is one of the most comprehensive digital coaching tools around."

The service also allows users to plot and measure all training runs on the website, with GPS tracking via their mobile phone. There is also support from experts and fellow runners to keep users focussed. Great Run Training has already found a fan in Australian former world cross country champion and Olympic marathon runner, Benita Willis, who has been using the online diary to record her training.

She said: "As an athlete, I am forever keeping a detailed record of my training so I can look back on what I've done - to either repeat a build-up if it led to a great race, or analyse what I did wrong in training if an injury occurred or racing isn't going well. I like the "My Stats" section to do this - plus I can upload from my mobile phone which makes life very easy especially when travelling!"

Great Run Training is available now, online and as a mobile so users can track their runs and review their training wherever they are. For more information, or to sign up, visit the Great Run Training website. Great Run Training is currently available for iPhone from the App Store and will be available on Android by 1 December.