19 Jul

Brush Up Your Running

The Good Gym logo

Runners will play their part in an unusual arts project with an Olympic theme next week. And they will be acting as Good Samaritans too as they help to improve the environment in East London.

The offbeat training initiative the Good Gym has lined up for their latest good deed. The group meet on a regular basis in Bethnal Green from where they embark on a run around the streets around a group task for the good of the community.

On Monday, July 25, they are set to assist the Films on Fridges project, which was inspired by the disappearance of East London's 'Fridge Mountain' - an enormous pile of discarded fridges which previously occupied the London 2012 Olympic site. Towering nearly 20 feet tall, the largest 'Fridge Mountain' in all of Europe became a bizarre sculpture in the London landscape.

Films on Fridges resurrects this industrial icon in the form of a playful and interactive outdoor pop-up cinema. In celebration of the upcoming Olympics, the cinema will screen films that are athletic in nature.

Screenings from July 27- August 13, include Rocky, Cool Runnings, Breaking Away, Slapshot and Chariots of Fire. To help them get underway, they need to get their tables and chairs painted and this is where the Good Gym will assist.

Starting out at 7pm, the group will set off from York Hall, run to the project, roller paint onto their furniture and run away again. Attendees are advised to arrive at 6.50pm and to wear clothes they don't mind getting spattered.

Find out more about Film on Fridges at the project website.

Find out more about the Good Gym at the group website.