9 Jul

Boston To Austin - Hit The Road Running

Scott and Rhys Jenkins

September 15 2010 will see two Welsh men join forces with a man from Texas to take on the challenge of a lifetime as they attempt to run 2000 miles across America from Boston, Massachusetts to Austin, Texas. Rhys Jenkins, Rusty Tolliver and Scott Jenkins are taking up the challenge to raise money for charities in Britain and America. During this 2000 mile run, the men will aim to run 40 miles a day, 7 days a week, until they reach their destination.

The three men have been friends for six years, after meeting at a summer camp deep in the Pennsylvanian Mountains. Since then, their friendship has grown and men now want to give something back to others who have not been able to lead the lives they had always dreamed of.

Rhys (22) and Scott (29) Jenkins are brothers from Penarth, Cardiff and are both sports and running enthusiasts. Rusty is a 24 year old from Texas, who shares the brothers' love of running.

The run will be in aid of four charities, across the two countries. The men want to raise money for the heroes in society - the wounded war heroes from both the United States and the United Kingdom, young cancer sufferers in Texas and people affected by heart disease in the UK.

The men will start in Boston, taking in New York and Wilmington in the first two weeks. In total, the men will run through 9 states, 100 towns and 9 cities, covering mountainous and desert terrain. Although the run will take place in America's Autumn/Winter, the men will have to tackle temperatures reaching 30C or higher, especially traveling into Texas and the south.

The men hope to complete their challenge by mid November, although will be looking to finish in the quickest time physically possible. They hope to raise as much money as possible for their selected charities as they reach the very limit of human endurance.

To find out more about the challenge, visit their website of follow them on Twitter.