29 Nov

Book in For Christmas Gift

cover of Scottish Trail Running

The winter edition of SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE is now available from our various outlets across the country however looking ahead to the spring edition we will be featuring a couple of great books - Susie Alison's 'Scottish Trail Running' and David Syme's 'Running Away From Home'. Both books will make terrific Christmas gifts.

David's 'Running Away From Home' is a compilation of short stories of running adventures in various locations around the world, while Susie's 'Scottish Trail Running' is a recently published guide to some great routes across Scotland.

Try Amazon for 'Running Away From Home'; while 'Scottish Trail Running' is available online at Pesda Press and Amazon and at Waterstone's Scottish branches and at Run-4-It stores. The trail guide is also available at Run and Become in Edinburgh where Susie Alison is giving a talk on Tuesday 4 December (7:00-8:30pm) - full details online.