25 Sep

Booby Trap Leaves Runner Seriously Injured

River Exe

A woman in Devon is in a serious condition after falling pray to a booby trap whilst out running. The 33-year-old, who was running with her partner along the River Exe in Exeter, hit the taut, chest-height rope and was sent flying backwards to the ground, injuring her neck and head in the process.

The unnamed woman was rushed to hospital after her partner phoned an ambulance. Devon and Cornwall Police believe the trap was set to specifically injure runners and cyclists. The woman was unable to see it due to poor lighting.

Detective Inspector Grant Leitch said: "It would appear that someone has maliciously put this rope across the walkway at such a height to stop someone who is innocently, walking, running or cycling past. This is a serious and troubling incident and I would like to appeal to anyone who was in the vicinity of this incident on Thursday evening.

"If anyone saw anything - a person or a group of people, possibly acting suspicious - we would like to hear from them. Even if it's a small detail, it could be valuable information that can assist the investigation. Whoever did this may have done it as a prank and are now possibly regretting their actions. I would say to them, if you have any sense of remorse I would encourage you to come forward."


  1. Nick Macdonald said...

    Sadly, this is nothing new. Some 37 years ago whilst running at night some sixth sense made me slow up as I was running down a narrow lane which reaction probably stopped me ripping my throat out on a strand of barbed wire strung out at head height between a unlighted lampost and the close fence. Despite stopping, the wire still tore and permanently scarred my chin. Some 10 years ago whilst doing a routine recce of an annual club run the organiser and I found a string of piano wire strung between two trees on a public / through route on a private estate on our traditional run route. A couple of years later we found a similar wire on a through route (signed as being private, despite the then hard fought Land Reform Act provisions). Conclusion? Some people do not like runners, the freedom they have, or the freedom they symbolise. Some resent the supposed healthy, clean cut, lifestyle, ha ha, if only, which runners are assumed to have. Some believe that they are defending their land from invaders, as in times of old. In reality, for whatever reason they are performing criminal acts against those out having potentially quiet, peaceable fun.