16 Apr

Bolt To Achilles Heel

The spike on display in Achilles Heel

Usain Bolt fans are in for a treat at Achilles Heel, as the shop has just received delivery of an exclusive spike, signed by the lightning bolt himself.

The shoe comes to the store to launch the puma complete tfx thesus 3 pro, claimed to be one of the most eagerly anticipated shoes to be released, among sprint fanatics. The spike that is available to buy in Achilles Heel is identical to that which Usain Bolt himself wore, however these have a black, instead of orange, sole and spikes.

Paul, who works in Achilles Heel on Great Western Road, Glasgow, told scottishrunningguide.com how special this shoe really is, "This spike one of only four of its kind in the UK, Usain signed the shoes he didn't use after breaking the world sprint records and gave them back to puma. Achilles Heel has been specially selected from all of puma's stockists to have one of these world-famous and iconic shoes instore."

The signed shoe

Achilles Heel will be holding a special night for fans to go along and have their photograph taken with the shoe, on May 12 2010. Visit the shop's website for more information.