21 Jun

Sand In Your Shoes?

There's no need to grab your red float Baywatch-style, but summer is definitely the season to go running on the beach, writes Chris Broadbent…

If there is any season for beach running, it’s summer. As the temperature rises, as temporary as it is, thousands of us are drawn to the coastal scenery, warm sands and the frothy surf.

Running on the beach can be an invigorating experience. It can also be a fantastic workout, building leg strength and aerobic capacity. It also gives you a great excuse to don those new cool running shades you’ve been busting to premiere!

Here’s five tips for beach running…

1. Be aware of the camber. Try not to run for great lengths along strongly cambered coastlines, it can cause an imbalance and risk injury.

2. Choose your sand carefully. Dry sand is an incredible workout, but sapping. Wet sand with a little give helps provide the necessary support while giving you a more forgiving footstrike.

3. Use the dunes. Hill reps on dunes are a superb way of accelerating fitness by really raising the heart rate and providing a brilliant strength building exercise.

4. Think carefully about footwear. It can be very tempting to go barefoot – and it is very possible. But the combination of hot sand and a rapid footstrike can be the perfect recipe for blisters. (Trust me on this one!)

5. Wear suncream. Running beside the sea can double the impact of the sun’s rays on your skin with the solar reflection from the water.