30 Aug

BBC To Air Speed Of Light Documentary

Speed of Light

NVA's Speed of Light festival has been entrancing audiences at this year's Edinburgh International Festival, and tonight you can see how the event came together in a documentary - Running At The Speed Of Light - on BBC2 Scotland at 10pm. Narrated by Janice Forsyth, the ArtWorks Scotland programme follows the creation of the project and aims to find out why people run and what motivates endurance athletes to push their bodies to the limit.

The Speed of Light festival will have its final performance on Saturday (1 September) and involves hundreds of participants running a choreographed 90-minute route around Arthur's Seat at night in specially commissioned light suits, watched by a ticketed audience. The audience is also part of the show, carrying portable light sources that bring the hill to life.

Organisers NVA explained the concept: "Each individual performance is created by collective action, landscape and weather, offering a rare perspective on the cityscape, night skies and the sea and hills beyond. Speed of Light will also investigate the physical and emotional aspects to endurance running and the extent to which the power of the mind can override physical pain."

BBC2's The Culture Show covered the event last week, with presenter Michael Smith commenting: "It's a very minimal piece. Stripped back to a meditation on one of our very basic everyday activities - running, walking, moving through the spaces we inhabit. But it re-imagines them as something magical, mystical, sublime!"

For details on the documentary go to the BBC website or for more information on the Speed of Light festival visit the event website