18 Feb

Bath Time Fun

Bath Half Marathon scene

The Vitality Bath Half Marathon takes place on Sunday 1 March and I'm looking forward to joining thousands of others running through one of the UK's most charming cities. Says regular contributor Chris Broadbent ...

The picturesque Roman city in Somerset is always worth a visit. I have been there many times before; for fun, for a job interview and many years ago, to sell giant balloons on the streets. I didn't get the job. But it was better news for the latter - I shifted a few Mr Blobbys and Homer Simpsons that day. Anyway, I digress.

I'll tell you why I am looking forward to the Bath Half Marathon. It's not particularly because of the distance, I've ticked the 13.1 miles box a few times. And it's not because I am in PB shape either. I'm just looking forward to it because it will be great fun. Simple as that.

It will be a glorious scene with majestic architecture on a historic course. It will have lively crowds, a throng of runners on closed roads and be brilliantly organised.

There will be fancy dress runners, elite athletes, motivated club runners and people raising thousands for charity. All we need is bright spring weather for the perfect day. What could possibly be better than that on a Sunday morning?

It's good to have goals in running. It can be to tackle a new distance, to take on a particular race or to target a new PB. I like to have goals. It keeps me motivated year on year.

But sometimes, it's great to simply run at these events just for the sheer unadulterated fun of it. No need to worry about times or anything like that. Just the simple joy of running with thousands of likeminded people in one of the UK's most stunning cities.

After all, running is fun. That's why we all do it, isn't it? Bring on Bath!