19 Sep

Barefoot To Strike Again

Photo courtesy of Ross Lawrie

The inaugural Scottish Barefoot Run and Conference proved such a success that plans are already underway to host the event again next year. Barefoot and minimalist running enthusiasts were greeted by sunshine as they took to Edinburgh on Saturday (15 September) for the run which is based on the New York event and aims to help promote the natural running movement.

The course took participants from Bruntsfield Links down to Holyrood Park, providing views of Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace en route, with leading barefoot coach Heather Hall on hand to offer tips and advice. Afterwards, there was a conference with presentations by Ben Le Vesconte of Vivo Barefoot and Matt Walden of Primal Lifestyle - the UK distributor of minimalist shoe Vibram Five Fingers.

Colin McPhail of local specialist running shop Footworks organised the event and told scottishrunningguide.com: "It was first class. There was a great turnout of around 100 people and the sun even came out. The conference was very informative and both Matt and Ben's talks went down well. People who were cynics beforehand had become barefoot enthusiasts!"

There are plans to host the event again next year and Colin is hoping it will attract people from all over the world. He explained: "We had people come down from Skye and Aberdeen, and others come up from London, Bolton and Newcastle. So next year we'd like it to be a truly global event."

Chris Fielding took part and spoke of how enjoyable the event was, saying: "I stopped being a barefoot runner and started just being a runner again. I haven't felt like that for ages. The fact that I had nothing on my feet was incidental. Colin has big plans for the event and I will be back with the family next year."

Another runner, Jonathan McIntosh, said: "An excellent, highly informative day was had by all and we even got a glimpse of what summer should have looked like, albeit a slightly windy version from our viewpoint over Edinburgh from the crags underneath Arthur's Seat."

For more information visit the event's Facebook page.