20 Jun

Barefoot Ted Heads To Ed

Barefoot Ted at Boston marathon

Minimalist running enthusiasts are in for a treat today as well-known barefoot athlete Ted McDonald (aka Barefoot Ted) is visiting Scotland to promote the Luna Sandal which he designed. Ted will be giving a presentation and holding a Q + A session about the shoe at the Footworks store in Edinburgh.

Colin from Footworks said: "Ted is renowned as one of the most famous barefoot/natural runners on the planet. As this is fairly last minute and we have only just secured his arrival it would be great if we knew how many were thinking of coming to the evening presentation as we may have to book an alternative venue just next door."

The Luna Sandal is a minimalist outdoor sandal inspired by the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico. It can be used for hiking, running, and general outdoor pursuits. There are two versions of the Luna, the street sandal - an all-purpose shoe suitable for walking, jogging, running, skipping and hopping - and the trail sandal which is billed 'our grittiest sandal yet' on the Luna Sandal website and has a 10mm sole which 'stands up to anything you can throw at it'.

Ted will be signing copies of Chris MacDougall's book Born To Run (which he is featured in) from 3:00-5:00pm, then at 5pm you will have the chance to go for a short run (3-5 miles) with Ted before his presentation at 7pm. There will be refreshments in the form of the Barefoot Vineyard products at 6:00pm and soft drinks will also be available.

For more information visit the event's Facebook page.