30 May

Banff To The Future

Banff Road Runners kit handover

There's a new arrival on the north east running scene - Banff Road Runners! Founded in March this year, the club has already attracted 40 members with membership set to increase in the coming months. One of the founding runners, Charles Mackintosh, spoke to scottishrunningguide.com about the club's plans for the future.

Charles said: "We started the club to offer anyone and everyone the opportunity to take up running as we felt people would find it easier to do as part of a group. Other reasons were social inclusion, meeting like-minded people, training for events and to get fit. Providing a running club for this area was important as the closest one is about 30 miles away. I should point out that none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for our volunteers whose help has made all the difference."

There are currently two levels of groups running on Mondays and Wednesdays, with the club considering expanding due to increasing interest.

"The beginners are now pushing on to running a full mile without stopping and some are edging closer to join up with the next level of runners. The advanced group have been tackling 5-10 mile routes at the moment, and we will be completing hill rep sessions, time trials and fartlek training over the summer for the more serious runners."

Banff Road Runners group photo

Club members are regularly competing in races around the country and Charles revealed how SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE proved an invaluable resource for the club: "We have been distributing copies and encouraging members to check out the race calendar. Two members just completed Edinburgh marathon and another has signed up for next year's event. There are three or four members off to Cornhill Highland games this weekend for the Knock Hill Race. A group of females from the club are about to run in the Race For Life 5K and we are trying to encourage as many runners to participate in the Portsoy Follow the Herring 10K."

An added incentive of joining the club is the financial benefits available to members, Charles explained: "We have received sponsorship from SEAWAY Macduff, providing some of our members with club kit as well as selling our kit and other running equipment at a discount of 10% for members. This discount will be applied throughout the whole store. We are also in talks with Princess Royal Sports about an association that would allow the club to use their changing areas and toilets in the winter and receive a reduced rate for gym and class memberships."

For more information, visit the Banff Road Runners Facebook page.