17 Jul

The Art Of Darkness

IlluminatorA new night-time event is set for Glen Tanar, Aberdeenshire. The Illuminator Run will see participants run or walk 15 dark miles over rugged hill trails on 14 November.

The event gives participants the chance to sample Glen Tanar’s ancient Scots pine forest in a spectacular new light. It will feature a dance warm-up before setting off from Aboyne Community Centre towards Glen Tanar. The course is clearly way-marked and there will be a hot drinks station at the halfway point. The total ascent over the course is 2,247 feet/685metres. As a reward for their efforts, particicpants willl be provided with hot coffee and tea at the finish.
Alex from organisers Firetrail Events told runABC Scotland: “There aren't any local events that help motivate runners/walkers to keep fit and have something to train towards at that time of year. A bit of a lull, which we hope to fill with an event that turns all the off-putting aspects of winter into something exciting - the cold, the wet, the dark ... enter the Illuminator, with lots of lights, hot juice and a great crowd of fellow runners.
“As all Firetrail staff love spending time in Glen Tanar, we have for a long time wondered how we can share its magic with others, especially beyond the easily accessible parts many people know and the sunny setting we all tend to choose for our Sunday afternoon walk or cycle. I suppose a truly beautiful place has many faces, and being in Glen Tanar at night is something really special. We hope that the Illuminator will give participants both an opportunity to experience a wild space in an unusual light (quite literally) and to keep fit through winter.” 
For more information, and to enter, go to the event website.


  1. Mike Rodgers said...

    Love the climb. My comment on Facebook re smartasses applies. Nice one.