31 Jan

Put yourself in the picture at the new Archerfield 10K

After many years of hosting and supporting runs organised by others, East Lothian’s Archerfield Walled Garden has decided to launch its own – to be held on Sunday, 24 March.

As Archerfield Walled Garden events manager Fiona McGregor explained to runABC Scotland online: "We host two charity runs and the Runny EGG over the course of the year, but none of these are organised by Archerfield Walled Garden. We support, them but they are planned and coordinated by volunteers and other companies.
"We chose to organise the Archerfield 10k because we wanted to add another run to our schedule. We also wanted to run our own event – and to put our own stamp on it.’ 
While the exact route is yet to be confirmed, the Archerfield 10K will take runners on a scenic, multi-terrain journey through the Archerfield Estate and surrounding beauty spots. It will also be suitable for all levels, goals and abilities.
Spectators waiting for their runners to come home will be able to enjoy all the Archerfield Walled Garden has to offer, including a microbrewery, café, market, walking trails and children’s play area. There are also plans for live music and entertainment ‘to keep runners motivated – and moving – and create a great atmosphere’.
Fiona wants everyone who comes along to the new 10k to feel welcome on race day, and in the future. "We want the estate to be used and enjoyed by as many people as possible and hope that by running regular organised runs, we will introduce the estate to many new people who will hopefully run, walk, bike the estate on their own time more often."
Entries to Archerfield 10K are available now on Entry Central.