16 Dec

A Year Of Marathon Running

Paul McGinty

While many of us will spend the next few weeks debating which race to commit to in the New Year, one runner has decided to refrain from procrastination by pledging to complete a marathon a month for the duration of 2012. Paul McGinty's Marathon Every Month challenge will see him compete in 12 marathons across the globe, including races in Holland, Finland, Switzerland and the United States. The Edinburgh runner will begin his year long attempt at the Bergen Marathon on Saturday, January 21.

Paul, who has completed several marathons and half-marathons over the past ten years, revealed that he never thought he would catch the running bug: "I took up running many years ago as a means of keeping fit, whilst working in a sedentary day job. I had never particularly enjoyed running up until then and had certainly never considered running any distance beyond trying to catch a bus."

After enduring the initial breathlessness, he detected signs of progress: "I actually started enjoying myself. Not only did it help me maintain my physical fitness, it also afforded me a terrific sense of well-being. Before long, I was running every day and eventually participating in half and full marathons."

Throughout the challenge, Paul will be raising money for Alzheimer's Scotland and running in dedication to a family friend, Albert Duke, who suffered from the disease.

Glenda Mackenzie, deputy director of fundraising at Alzheimer Scotland, commented: "We are grateful and delighted that Paul has decided to undertake this mammoth fundraising feat. Running one marathon is a significant goal, but a dozen shows true grit and commitment to our cause."

You can keep track of Paul's progress throughout the year by visiting his blog.