1 Jul

A View From The Organiser

Race Organiser

Kirsty Gibson has been a member of Dundee Roadrunners for 5 years and has recently been elected as committee chairperson. Here, Kirsty tells us what goes into organising their annual event - the Templetonl 10 mile road race - and says there's much more to it than meets the eye...

Dundee Roadrunners is a great club and has a good reputation as the founders and organisers of the much-loved Templeton 10 mile Road Race, held annually every November. Every year we see around 300 hardy winter runners take to the beautiful but tough course on the outskirts of Dundee. The race is the club's biggest event and takes a lot of planning, organisation and teamwork.

As chairperson, it's my role to ensure that every committee member (we have 8) has clear priorities and full understanding of what their individual responsibility is. We're extremely lucky to have skilled, dedicated and passionate committee members who have naturally each taken on tasks that play to their strengths. Even for a race with 300 runners it's important that the work is shared out equally; the emphasis cannot solely be on one single person.

Things get going in the planning phase long before the race even opens for entries. Permits, health and safety, insurance--all these things have to be catered for well in advance and have to be put in place before we can proceed with registrations. These are probably the most important but least exciting parts about race organisation.

In the lead up to race-day, there are always small details to be ironed out. We discuss what should be contained in the goody bag, what treats should be laid out on the tables post-race. If the weather doesn't hold up, we try and make sure there is a canopy or three available to ensure runners can stay as dry as possible.

It's not even July yet but the committee already have the details for the Templeton 10 Road Race well in hand. We've got the exciting tasks of getting the prizes, encouraging baked goods to be donated and planning marshalling points all still to come. This is the point that we are entirely dependent on the generosity of others and our faithful band of volunteers that turn out on race day.

In our next instalment, Kirsty will be leading us through the final phases of preparing for the event - course planning, prizes, registrations - and what this entails as race organiser. This year's Templeton Road Race takes place on Sunday 3rd November in Dundee.