25 Aug

A Trainer Fit For The Army

The UK Gear PT-1000

A British company has announced that it has invented the world's first pair of running shoes that can give their users over 1,000 miles of running without wearing out. Available next month, the UK Gear trainers could easily take a keen runner from John O'Groats to Land's End and still be used on the way home. An average running shoe is recommended to be replaced every 350-450 miles.

UK Gear developed the PT-1000 shoe in conjunction with the British Army and all 450 instructors at the Army Physcial Training Corp's (APTC) Aldershot base will wear the shoes from next month. Captain Barry Stoddart, the APTC's chief instructor, was one of those who put the trainer through its paces. "I've done over 1,000 miles in them and had no problems although I found it took a few miles to bed them in . I run every day, about 70 to 80 miles a week, and tried the shoe on the road, track, treadmill, cross country. It did the whole job," he said.

The PT-1000 is available in a variety of colour combinations, in men's and women's sizes. It is suitable for use on both road and trail terrains, however has been developed to suit a neutral running style. Any runner who wants their running shoes to last them to the end of 38 marathons can buy a pair of these innovative shoes from UK Gear for £95 per pair.