14 Dec

A Quarter Million And Counting

Bushy parkrun

As of last weekend, 248,958 different people have run and completed a parkrun somewhere in the world. This figure, presumably, would have been unthinkable to the organisers of the original event in Bushy, who, seven years ago, hosted the country's sole parkrun with 72 competitors.

So, while this trend illustrates the overwhelming popularity and emergence of the weekly 5k, it also leads us to the question of who will be the lucky 250,000th new parkrunner to complete an event this weekend?

The current trend is for roughly 1600 to 1800 new runners to run their first parkrun event each weekend. So, even if this number is slightly reduced due to cancellations, there is a strong chance this milestone will be set tomorrow morning (Saturday, 15 December).

With thanks to parkrunfans blog for the interesting statistic.