10 Aug

A Juice Bottle, With A Difference

A pair of blue Swiggies

As a runner, it can be difficult to keep hydrated without having to carry a bulky water bottle in your hand or in a rucksack or belt. A new type of bottle has been designed to eliminate these problems, a completely bulk and hands free bottle to wear on your wrist.

Swiggies are 200ml or 150ml (children's) water bottles that are contoured to fit comfortably on a wristwatch an elasticated strap to hold it in place. Each bottle weighs half a pound, which is a perfect weight to eliminate the risk of added stress on joints.

SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE took Swiggies out for a test run to see if they really did the trick...

For someone who is fairly new to running, I hadn't found a way of keeping hydrated on the run that really worked for me. When I heard about Swiggies, I thought they could be the perfect solution, as I found carrying water bottles quite uncomfortable and a hinderance to my progress.

When I first received my Swiggies, they were a lot less bulky than I expected and in a nice bright colour. The first time I went out with a Swiggy, I filled one with juice and put it on my left wrist, as I like to wear a watch on my right wrist. It was quite comfortable and the contours of the bottle, along with the adjustable strap, made it fit snugly.

During my run, I didn't feel the weight of the Swiggy, it was hardly noticeable. I was able to run more freely and easily take a quick drink whenever I needed one. I found the volume of liquid that the Swiggy holds to be sufficient for my needs.

The only problem would arise for people who already have full wrists when running, with sweatbands and watches, your arms could get quite full! The Swiggy could be adapted to fit with a sweatband, which may be an option for runners who use them.

Swiggies really are a fantastic concept, giving runners just enough fluids on the move, and they are dishwasher and freezer safe so are really practical. They can hold any juice of your choice, and with two Swiggies in a set you can even mix and match, with an energy drink in one and water in another.

At just £9.95 per pair, they are well worth the money and with lots of colours to choose from, you will always find one to suit your mood.