17 Nov

700 And Counting


After taking up running at the age of 32, Rory Coleman has just celebrated the completion of his 700th marathon. The athlete, now 49, achieved this highly impressive accolade by finishing the 26.8 mile Druid Challenge on Saturday, November 12.

While this milestone would be enough to send most of us into a justifiable disposition of self-satisfaction, the Derbyshire runner is aiming to complete 1,000 marathons before stepping away from running.

Speaking to scottishnrunningguide.com, Rory was clearly elated with his recent achievement: "It\'s absolutely amazing to reach the 700 marathon mark. For me, though, its unfinished business and there\'s still a long way to go on my marathon journey."

Rory\'s biography is frightening considering he only started running in 1993. Thus far, he has completed the notoriously difficult Marathon des Sables 8 times, ran from John O\'Groats to Lands End, and a 1,275 mile challenge that took him from the London to Lisbon in 43 days. The addition of 9 Guinness World Records give his CV that fairytale sheen.

These accomplishments, he reveals, were motivated by his previous lifestlye: "I was an overweight 40-a-day cigarette smoking alcoholic. I started running ultra-marathons in 1995 to find out just where my limits of endurance and determination were. In 16 years, I have been way beyond any pre-conception that I ever had."

For more information about ultra-running and personal training visit Rory\'s website.