25 Mar

5x50 Challenge Returns!

5x50 logo

Excitement is building for the 2014 5x50 challenge with less than a week until it starts on Sunday (30 March). Over 2,600 participants have already signed up for the challenge which involves running, walking, jogging or cycling 5k every day for 50 days with the aim of changing exercise habits of a lifetime.

Last year's challenge saw over 5000 people take part, raising £83,000 for various charities. One participant, Sarah Mather, says the challenge helped transform her life. Since completing the 5x50 last year, the 29-year-old has lost three stones and re-trained as a personal trainer in order to pass on her newfound love of fitness.

She said: “Thirty minutes of exercise a day is going to make a huge 
difference. I feel so much better for having done this. It really has transformed my life.”

Famous faces who have backed the challenge include TV presenter Jenni Falconer, singer and presenter Michelle McManus, and ultra runner and adventurer Dr Andrew Murray.

Dr Murray said: “The 5x50 Challenge really made a big difference in getting people active and getting them off their couches. Not only does it make a big difference to people in terms of improving health and happiness – it’s been shown that exercise can improve quality of life in more ways than one – it’s also raised a phenomenal amount of money for charity.”

For more information, visit the 5x50 website.