27 Feb

Big City 24 Hour Racing Comes To Scotland

girl running in Holyrood Park

Big city 24-hour racing comes to Scotland in 2018 thanks to innovative race organiser, Breaking Strain, the team behind the successful Run The Blades. The weekend of 14/15 July will see hundreds of enthusiastic (crazy!) runners complete multiple laps of an approximately three miles course at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh.

The are three categories - individual, pairs and teams (of four) across three time frames - a modest six hours, a challenging 12 hours and the certifiable full 24-hour gig! So you can run solo or with a buddy or with team-mates and for a time that suits your goals.

24-hour racing is growing in popularity across the UK with events like Endure 24 and the Thunder Run which attract thousands to events billed as 'Glastonbury for runners'. The new Scottish event, the Edinburgh 24, is aiming to build-up to become the next stage in the Scottish endurance runner's journey - marathon, ultra and, now, 24-hours.

A successful Scottish 24-hour event at Glenmore Forest near Aviemore  has been staged by BAM Racing in recent years however Breaking Strain believe that their central, and dramatic, location means that Edinburgh 24 can develop into a major event.

Edinburgh 24 organisers told runABC Scotland: "We expect the new event to put 24 hour racing on the map in Scotland. We have an amazing location and will support runners with an extensive event village - music, food, fabulous sunsets and striking sunsets - think Holyrood Palace, the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle and Arthur's Seat as the backdrop.

"We expect a great atmosphere with amazing camaraderie and a big event buzz as entrants and spectators support team-mates and the courageous solo runners."

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