28 Jul


Mark Cooper

Best known for completing an impressive 50 marathons in 56 days when running from Amsterdam to Barcelona in 2010, Mark Cooper is now looking to break a world-record in more enclosed surroundings.

Beginning at 6pm this evening, Mark will aim to run 160 miles on a treadmill over the following 24 hours. The event will take place at the Corinthian Club, Ingram Street, Glasgow, and will see Mark run through the night as he attempts what translates to a six marathon-plus run.

Having recently completed 'The Trip to Remember' challenge, a 150 mile journey that is regarded as one of the toughest British Isles based events, Mark's enthusiasm for an extreme challenge doesn't seem to have abated.

Those looking to follow Mark's world-record attempt can do so in person; Mark welcomes friendly faces and words of encouragement. Alternatively, you can follow his stride-by-stride report through his Twitter page. Those wishing to sponsor Mark can do so by visiting his justgiving page.