26 Jan

19,900 Miles Just A Little Run For Rosie

Rosie Swale Pope

Reading Rosie Swale-Pope's CV is akin to listing all of the most adventurous journeys you would complete if given the opportunity. Perhaps best known for her five-year solo journey across the world in 2002, Rosie has also taken part in and finished the notoriously challenging Marathon des Sables, a 1,000 run through Iceland, and a 46-day, 2190km trip across Cuba.

In between her current challenge, which consists of a run from Paris to Rome, Rosie will be popping over to Perth to talk to others about her remarkable feats of endurance and forthcoming adventures. The talk, which is entitled 'Just a Little Run Around the World', is organised for Tuesday, February 7, at Perth Concert Hall.

The audience can expect tales of her encounters across the globe, including embarking on her 5-year journey with no support crew and a small cart of food, running with Siberian wolves for over a week, and tackling temperatures of -51 degrees in Lake Baikal, Russia. Rosie's remarkable journey saw her travel 19,900 miles.

Tickets are priced at £8.50, or free for under 18's. You can book tickets direct from the concert hall by visiting their website.