30 Oct

Tackling Obesity With The Daily Mile

The ‘Daily Mile’ scheme is being rolled out to all educational facilities and workplaces in Scotland in a bid to tackle obesity. Currently, the initative involves primary-aged children running or walking for 15 minutes every day.

The pledge is part of ambitious plans to help people lose weight and was outlined in a 33-page consultation document, which was released last week.

The consultation says: “Physical activity is about getting people moving. Daily walking, playing in a park, going to a gym, training with a team, or aspiring to win a gold medal – it doesn’t matter how people get active it just matters that we do. We want more people to be more active, more often. We are committed to Scotland becoming the first ‘Daily Mile’ nation, with rollout to nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.”

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell, who launched the consultation, said: “Obesity significantly increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, cancer cardiovascular disease and depression. Simply put, it’s harming the people of Scotland. It also puts pressure on the NHS, other public services and our economy.

“That is why we need commitment and action from everyone across all sectors and at all levels including government, citizens, the public sector and businesses right across the country.”