17 Sep

Race to your next PB

runner on the beach moving smoothly

You’ve picked the race. You’re doing the training. The big day is coming up fast. For some of us, taking part in a race is enough. We are happy to be a part of something bigger than our individual training sessions, to be running alongside hundreds of others and to be enjoying that feeling of camaraderie.

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10 Sep

New horizons & self care plans

For some people, mainly parents, September marks the start of the real ‘New Year’.  Forget 1 January – resolutions and plans for a healthier, more organised way of living are all the talk at school gates up and down the country. And with life resuming some normality after the lengthy summer holidays, it is easier to plan. Easier to stick to (good) habits and to make time for some of this ‘self care’ everyone seems to be talking about at the moment.

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28 Aug

Race Success This Autumn

mizuno wave rider 22 runners on coast

August is all but over. Summer has been (and gone). Not that we can complain, it’s been a good one this year. Hasn’t it? But now that the quiet summer months (on a racing front) are over, our attentions will of course turn to autumn and all it promises runners thanks to its amber-hued, crisp, cooler and (mostly) dry days.

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10 Aug

Stress-Free Running

Mizuno Wave Ultima 10 runner shot

Running puts our bodies under pressure, the constant pounding and relentless repetitive motions can sometimes lead to joint niggles and muscle moans (we’ve all been there!). Your choice of footwear is an important ally in the fight against pain and discomfort - making the right choice means training and racing can be as stress-free as possible (on your body anyway!). And that’s exactly what Mizuno’s Wave Ultima 10 promises to do

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30 Jul

Be Inspired

Mizuno Wave Inspore 14 beauty shot

Support. It's something we all need from time to time. Runners especially look to training partners and cheering crowds to push them to success in the final mile (and the first). If you also require support in your trainers (and some 70% of the running population do) then Mizuno's Wave Inspire will be a familiar name. Now in its 14th incarnation, it has been a perennial favourite with over pronators for years. And for good reason.

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16 Jul

That Festival Feeling

Mizuno Endure24 runners

Think summer. Think festival fever. Think sporting glory. Think sun (this year anyway). Those in the know ticked all these boxes (and more) at the endorphin-inducing Mizuno Endure 24 events which took place at locations in Reading and Leeds in June. Dubbed ‘Glastonbury for Runners’, the 24-hour party in the woods is a unique event, mixing serious ultra-running with a 24-hour team relay race. And the good news? Entries are already open for 2019.

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19 Jun

Mizuno: Giving You The Power To Perform

Runner in a Mizuno top

Founded in 1906 in Osaka, Japan, Mizuno has a long and distinguished heritage of producing technical and high performance equipment.

The brand was also responsible for the World's first ever sports research and development laboratory which opened in 1938. Since those days, running has developed into Mizuno's biggest sport and a passion for technological advancements and improved performance is clear to see in their comprehensive range of running shoes.

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