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jogscotland Campbeltown at Dublin 10K

After ditching the sedentary life of an office worker to become a fitness coordinator, Fiona Irwin has embraced running and found the experience rewarding for both herself and her community. One of three leaders to establish jogscotland Campbeltown, she told how it all came about: "I worked in an office for years and hated it. It just wasn’t for me. After leaving my job to have a baby I then got a part-time job at Tesco and took up running. I was approached by a nurse who ran an athletics group and thought I’d be a good person to lead a jogscotland one. I’d only done a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon at this stage so wasn’t exactly the most experienced runner, but decided to give it a go. The locacouncipaid for me and two others to get our qualifications in Lochgilphead and since then the group’s gone from strength to strength."

For a relatively small area, Campbeltown has developed a reputation for being something of a running hub, with Campbeltown Running Club being formed in 2010 to accommodate the growing interest in the activity.

"The demand for running in the area became so big that the jogscotland group just wasn’t enough so that’s why the club was started. jogscotland is mainly for beginners and intermediates so once people get past that stage they tend to move on to the club. We have really strong ties so there’s no rivalry between us. I like to think of jogscotland as helping runners spread their wings. Once they do so, they’re free to go off flying on their own. Of course, if runners want to go back to the group for support they’re welcome to do so. In fact, there are a few people who are members of both the club and the group. We average about 20-30 runners a night so there’s definitely a very healthy interest in running here."

As well as having a large number of members, the group is also quite diverse in terms of age. Fiona explains: "We have runners as young as 16 coming along, and at the other end we’ve had runners in their 80s. The oldest member we had was a man called Ian Teasdale who was 85 years old. He’d had two hip replacements but you’d never know it from seeing him running. I felt pretty ridiculous telling him off for taking a wrong turn or something. If I can run half as well as his age, I’ll be a happy woman!"

As well as Mr Teasdale, Fiona highlights some other standout members from over the years. "Margaret Ann was inspirational,she ran with us while receiving cancer treatment. At the Great Scottish Run one year we managed to get Bryan Burnett (who was starting the race) to give her a shoutout. She’s since made a full recovery and is still out and about running in Campbeltown."

Not content with being a jogleader and fitness coordinator, Fiona is also involved in several running events. "I’m the junior event coordinator for Mull of Kintyre half marathon and 10K. And I hosted the Perfect Sports Relief Big Mile last year. That was an amazing day. It was sold out with over 100 people taking part.

"Our members take part in lots of races. The Crinnan Puffer 8.5 is a popular one. It’s very flat so has great PB potential and the 8.5-mile distance is an interesting alternative for those who have only ever done 10ks. We’ve taken a relay team to do the Kintyre Way Relay a few times and the new Tarbert 10K also captured the interest of our members."

So why has running been such a success in the area? Fiona has some ideas: "It’s a beautiful part of the world so I think running provides a great way of people seeing it. It also helps bring the community together and lets people keep in contact with each other."

After informing me that she has to get back to work in the leisure centre, Fiona casually remarks that the group’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

"We’ve actually won a few awards for our work in the community. It’s quite humbling. Something like running seems like such a small thing but it can make a big, big difference to people’s lives."

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