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jogscotland Fraserburgh Members

No matter which race you attend in the north-east of Scotland, or even further afield, you're bound to come across a runner from Fraserburgh jogscotland. In fact, with 1000 members now on the books, you're likely to come across a whole bus full of them!

The group got its start in April 2010 when Gillian Cardno-Strachan and fellow runners from Fraserburgh Running Club noted the success of the jogscotland programme in neighbouring Peterhead. Rather than see local runners drive the 20 or so miles along the North Sea coast to take up the sport, they set about starting their own group. With the support of both Fraserburgh Running Club in providing the jog leaders (and funding their training) and Peterhead jogscotland (to help with organisation and paying for the jog leaders' kit), Fraserburgh jogscotland was born.

As with many jogscotland groups, Fraserburgh's success has exceeded all expectations. Notes Gillian: "We thought if we could get 50 people along to take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle, it would be fantastic. But on our first night, we had over 250 runners on the streets of Fraserburgh!"

The group offers the tried-and-tested 10-week Jog Scotland programme for taking absolute beginners to their first 10K through a progression from walking to running three times a year. As beginners improve, they move up to the intermediate and advanced groups also offered on the main Tuesday club night.

The idea of community is central to what makes Fraserburgh jogscotland so special. In just two years, they've raised over £20,000 for local good causes by organising fun runs and donating all the entry fees. Good relations with Fraserburgh Running Club also continue, with many runners members of both groups, and the Running Club opening up its interval sessions to intermediate jogscotland runners. Children, too, are part of the Fraserburgh jogscotland family. Under 14s can come along to club runs (with an adult) and the group (as well as the Running Club) is heavily involved with both the 'junior joggers' and athletics programmes at local schools.

Two years on, the group continues to thrive, booking buses to ferry members to local races and enjoying a full slate of social events. The original group of eight leaders has now expanded to 22, including many who have come up through the ranks as beginners. Attendance on their main club night is around 150 runners - most of whom were seen running along Fraserburgh beach wearing head torches on one memorable winter outing!

jogscotland Fraserburgh
Where Catto Park Pavilion, beside Peterhead Football Club
When Tuesday 18.30
Members 1000+
Levels/Sessions All levels welcome - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced running groups cater to everyone

And how does Gillian account for the group's success? She told us: "I think it's down to the organisation of our leaders and the willingness of our members to get involved and support each other. Our individual members succeed because of their own determination as well as the encouragement from everyone else. We've got great club spirit, too!" When asked to sum up the Fraserburgh jogscotland experience, she replies: "Friendly. Sociable. Encouraging. Successful." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!"

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