The North East

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Aberdeen might have lost its marathon in the 1990s, but the north-east - including Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray - has certainly not lost its love of running.

Aberdeenshire's motto is 'from mountain to sea, the very best of Scotland', and the same holds true for all the region's running. Every type of terrain imaginable is on offer in the north-east, including hills, beaches, dunes, quiet country roads, busy city streets, forestry track, disused railway lines and everything else in between.

As well as making for more interesting running, the region's varied landscape makes for very well-rounded runners. You're just as likely to get thrashed in a hill race by a Moray or Garioch Roadrunner as you are to be overtaken on the road by a Cosmic Hillbasher! The region's often 'challenging' weather means the runners of the north-east can be a determined lot, too, with many of them proud to say that if they can run in a North Sea haar or a Moray Firth gale they can run anywhere!

The region is characterised by lots of small towns and villages, many of which have their own clubs drawing members from their local area. Friendly rivalries abound - especially between the coastal towns of Fraserburgh and Peterhead - but there are also many examples of otherwise competing clubs working together to share facilities or coaching duties. Many of the clubs are also active in organising races and raising funds for charity, proud to welcome other runners to their home turf while enjoying the cheeky home court (or more than likely 'home hill') advantage!

With many members in and out of the area every few weeks for work offshore, another characteristic feature of the north-east's clubs is that they make visitors or otherwise irregular attendees feel very welcome. Anyone visiting Aberdeen on business or pleasure is welcome to join in with the familiar black and yellow shirts of Metro - our featured club - on one of their training nights in the heart of the city.

And finally, 'phenomenon' is the only word we can really use to describe the success of jogscotland north of 57°. Moray and Aberdeen City each host around a dozen JS groups offering support to novice runners; Aberdeenshire itself boasts over two dozen, with the newest group - Inverurie's Garioch Gazelles jogscotland - formed just a few months ago.

In this section of the site runABC Scotland focuses on the north-east - its clubs, running groups, facilities and services.


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