Running Clubs In Edinburgh & the Lothians

Across the Edinburgh & Lothian area there is a multitide of running clubs, listed below. They create a network of provision that lets anyone who wants to run fairly seriously join liked-minded people for training and race competition.

Being part of a club is a great way of motivating yourself and improving your performance. Clubs will usually meet twice a week, often for programmed sessions, and there can be opportunities for other organised runs. It's also a great way to make friends and to get involved in social activities.

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Quick Focus On Portobello Runners

Portobello RunnersWho are Portobello Runners?

The club was formed in 1984 when a group of women, fed up with being heckled by youths running down Portobello Promenade on their own, decided to run as a group. Pretty soon several of their menfolk joined them and, then a coach, Ian Brodie, and before long there was a running club. Of the founders, Angela Murray is still an honorary member and one of the earliest joiners, Gillian McKelvie, still runs with us each week.  We’re currently the second most dedicated participators by number of attendances at the Edinburgh parkrun after jogscotland.

Where and when do you meet?
Over the winter we meet in the Indoor Bowling Club located on the promenade at Westbank Street.  In the summer we re-locate to the Commonwealth Pool and make use of Queen’s Park, Arthur’s Seat and the Meadows.

What kinds of routes do you cover?
Most of our winter running takes place either along the promenade and beyond as far as Musselburgh Racecourse, in the Restalrig area and around Portobello Park. This means we run mainly on the flat although some small streets in the Joppa/Musselburgh area are steep enough to do some useful hill work. In the summer we use Arthur’s Seat to get in some serious hill training, and go off the trails regularly.  The club splits into three groups and choose repetitions, fartlek, parlouf sessions, or long runs, but we make a point of everyone running within a group that will be testing.

How many members?
Membership runs from January to January and by the end of 2012 year we had about 140 members plus honoraries. 

Ages and abilities?
There is a wide spread of both age and ability in the club.  Our youngest is about 22 and the pater familias and Masters internationalist, Willie Murray, is 75.  We do not select on entry so anyone can come along and give us a try, but a potential member should expect to run for an hour at a reasonable pace to start with.

Do you organise any of your own races?
We have had a long-standing four-mile race in June each year that has taken place along the Promenade on a Thursday evening.  This June though, we are introducing a Beach Race of the same distance, along the tide line.

Plans for the future?
Although we started as mainly roadrunners, in recent years the membership is taking hill, cross country and ultra running more seriously.  This off-road interest will probably continue to grow.

Sum up the club in one sentence...
Very friendly, but strangely challenging.

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