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Jog Scotland Groups


  • Chirnside Chasers
  • Earlston
  • Eyemouth
  • The Galavanters (Galashiels)
  • Gytes
  • Jed Joggers (Jedburgh Grammar School)
  • JogPeebles - the Pink Panters (Kingsmeadows)
  • Kelso (Broomlands Primary School)
  • Eyemouth (Leisure Centre)
  • Duns (Langtongate)
  • Selkirk (Victoria Park)
  • Tweedbank, Galashiels
  • West Linton Runners

Dumfries & Galloway

  • Annan, Everholm Sports Complex
  • Castle Douglas Swimming Pool
  • Dalbeattie (Bandstand)
  • Dumfries RC (Nunholm Sports Club)
  • Lockerbie (King Edward Park)
  • Marchfield
  • Morton Milers (Thornhill)
  • Muckle Toon Joggers (Langholm)
  • Dumfries (St Joseph’s College - junior)

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Group Focus On Morton Millers

Mortons Millers

When Joanne Ackland relocated to Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway from Glasgow a few years ago, she hadn’t done any running. Inspired by the scenic surroundings and relative safety of the area, she decided to try it out with a couple of friends. Five years later, and with several half marathons and 10ks under her belt, the Morton Milers group has expanded to 14 members and has sprouted a junior group.

Joanne confesses that the success of the group has taken her by surprise: “It was kind of by accident that it started. I didn’t run at all and me and two other mums just decided to give it a go.”

As well as exercise benefits, she says the group gives members a chance to catch-up and let off some steam: “I find that running is a great activity for socialising, and it helps you reflect on things and de-stress. One of the members is a head teacher, when she comes running she forgets her worries.”

The group has become an integral part of the community and are easily recognised by their matching kit: “We have a real sense of identity as a group, as does the junior group. The wind farms in the local area provide community funding and the money we received was used to purchase customised kit. It really helped us feel like a proper group.”

As well as her own improvement, Joanne is quick to point out the progress of her fellow members: “We’re all running 10ks and half marathons but it’s been a gradual process. I think everyone in the group has really improved. Two members – Shona and Elaine – stand out. I basically badgered them into running! I was at the gym with Shona and she was on the treadmill. She said she could never become a runner. She said that if she managed 20 minutes on the treadmill then she’d come out running. Last year she did a half marathon. Elaine’s story is similar. She also did that same half marathon after I coaxed her into running. They really love it though and always have a smile on their face when they’re out.”

As the group expanded, Joanne’s children and their friends expressed an interest in running. It was only then that Joanne realised there wasn’t a junior equivalent: “We’re all parents so decided to start up a group for the kids. The age range is from 7-16 years old so it’s quite wide! Both groups like to go for picnics together. We incorporate running into those picnics too as you need to earn your food. We usually go to Morton Castle.”

Keen to expound on the joys of running in the area, Joanne tells us more about the routes the group takes: “We meet at Thornhill Community Centre on Wednesdays and Sundays. Wednesdays we run for around six miles and on Sunday we go for eight or nine. I never get tired of running in this part of the world as I particularly enjoy trail running. Our runs mostly take us along the River Nith and around Drumlanrig Castle.”

Joanne is keen to emphasise the group’s involvement in both local races and events further afield: “We like to do the Women’s 10K in Bellahouston Park every year as it’s a fantastic event. The Great Scottish Run is popular too. I did the 10k last year with my daughter, who’s new to running. Our goal this year is to do the half marathon together. There is a local running event at Drumlanrig Castle - the Demon 10K / Queensberry View Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon. It was a tough introduction as it’s quite a hilly event. Two of our members were first and second ladies in the half marathon last year.”

Joanne reveals plans to expand the ‘Morton Milers’ with a beginners group. It’s great to see so many people having a healthy appetite for running. Long may it continue!”

If you’re interested in joining Morton Milers, then email Joanne