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22 Feb

Be Charmed In Ireland

Irish MountainsDespite its close proximity to mainland UK, Ireland is one of those countries that Brits all too often overlook in favour of more ‘continental’ or exotic holiday destinations. But the Emerald Isle has much to offer and plenty that will satisfy a runner’s wanderlust.

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25 Jan

The Real Fun Runners

KidsIf you haven’t noticed the upturn in kid’s running events in recent years then all I can say is ‘where have you been?’, writes Louise Sylvester. What started out as a few fun runs ‘tagged on’ to the main event has exploded into something much bigger, and dare I say it more exciting. It would seem that this new generation of runners is taking its cue from the current mass of grown up recreational runners and doing as they do - running for fun.

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23 Jan

Taking The Muick

Loch MuickOne of my favourite runs ever goes around Loch Muick (pronounced Loch Mick), writes Sarah Briggs.  It’s been the first one of any distance that I’ve done after having each of my children; it’s the one I always intend to do when I visit Aberdeen; and even when I was pregnant with child no. 3 and just couldn’t run, I went for a walk up there.

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18 Jan

It's Fun Being A Fan

As a runner, it’s not often I go along to watch races, writes Chris Broadbent. When I go to events, I am almost always taking part in them. But on the occasions I do go to watch events, I always enjoy them much more than expected. I had that experience most recently at the Exeter First Chance 10k.

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