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7 Jun

Running For Office

Had enough of political posturing these last few weeks? Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, and Nicola Sturgeon with their predictable promises over the NHS, education and the economy. All well and good, but what we really want to know is which politician gets our vote as the best runner? Never mind Brexit negotiations, who's got what it takes in a pair of trainers?

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10 May

Just (About To) Do It

Whatever your take on the rights and wrongs of Nike's manufactured bid to break two hours for the marathon last weekend, it's undeniable that it was absolutely fascinating writes Chris Broadbent. The morality of Breaking2, which included constant pacemaking, wind protection, advanced technology footwear and nutrition fuelling on the move – all designed to shave precious seconds and minutes off the existing world record of 2:02:57 – were widely questioned.

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5 Apr

Running Away From Home

Paris Marathon

For runners who enjoy travelling, the appeal of taking part in an international event is obvious. But when it comes to figuring out transport and accommodation – not to mention acclimatising to a new country and overcoming the language barrier – many can be put off. Here are some tips from runners who’ve previously ventured overseas for an event…

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