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10 Dec

Euro Cross Memories

On prestige alone, the European Cross Country lags some way behind the Olympic Games in the pecking order of major athletics championships. But the annual event has still thrown up some memorable moments for British runners and supporters over the years writes Chris Broadbent.

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19 Nov

Video Of The Week - The Runners

Our video of the week is The Runners - a short film interviewing a cross-section of runners as they pound the tarmac in London's parks. It explores issues such as ageing, childlessness, marriage, mental health problems and sex.

12 Nov

First Run Back

Chris Broadbent

It hurt. Man, it hurt (writes Chris Broadbent). I went out for my first run in three weeks at the weekend. To be honest, it was a real struggle. Like many runners do, I had taken some time out after running a marathon. Partly, to recover and partly to reward myself.

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