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28 Sep

It Takes Two

Couple runningRunning can be either sociable or solitary, writes Terry Brennan. Many of us enjoy nothing better than a ‘get away from it all’ hour with only our thoughts for company; it’s one of my own favourite things. But I like the company and sociability that running brings too.

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21 Sep

A Helping Hand

Brownlee BrosThe Brownlee brothers have become a social media hit this week after older brother Alistair sacrificed his own chances of winning the ITU World Triathlon Final in Mexico to help younger brother Johnny, writes Chris Broadbent.

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31 Aug

The Right Pace

Race pacingRunning is a simple business. One foot in front of the other and you’re off. But there are a few tricks of the trade that can make it more enjoyable. One of them is being aware of the pace you are travelling at and how different paces work in different circumstances.

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16 Aug

Village People

Olympic kit of GB and Iraq

The White House, the Playboy Mansion and the Olympic Village – possibly the three places to stay in the world that create the most intrigue. Well, I can reveal that I have stayed in one of those three places. So, if you want some juicy tit-bits… read on, writes Chris Broadbent.

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3 Aug

Helping Out And Having Fun

Eddie Izzard2012 and the magic of the London Olympics ‘crystallised’ a phenomenon that had been bubbling for a number of years – the role of volunteers in modern sport. Of course, all kinds of sporting activities have been made possible for many years by people offering their time and supporting clubs, events, organisations etc. But today volunteering seems to have captured the public’s imagination and is achieving great things especially in running.

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27 Jul

Dopey Decision On Russia

Mariya SavinovaReally? No Russian ban? What exactly does a country have to do to be banned from the Olympics? The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision this week not to enforce a blanket ban on the nation from the Rio Games has been met with disbelief and despair. Both from competitors and national governing bodies, writes Chris Broadbent 

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