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27 Jul

Dopey Decision On Russia

Mariya SavinovaReally? No Russian ban? What exactly does a country have to do to be banned from the Olympics? The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision this week not to enforce a blanket ban on the nation from the Rio Games has been met with disbelief and despair. Both from competitors and national governing bodies, writes Chris Broadbent 

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22 Jun

Make It Memorable

FlossyThese days anyone who is fundraising is likely doing so online. That is, making use of one of the many fundraising websites that allow people to donate money digitally. No need for a paper sponsor form these days! But how can you make sure that your fundraising page is effective and has the desired effect of gleaning as much money from your supporters as possible? Here we look at five ways you can enhance the success of your fundraising page.

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15 Jun

Above and Beyond?

ChrisMaybe it’s my age. I’m 42 - let’s not dance around it. But increasingly, it seems I am surrounded by runners not just targeting half marathons and marathons, but going beyond. By beyond, I mean into the realms of the ultra-running world.

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9 Jun

Balkan And Runnin'

Sarajevo runnersWhen considering options for a running holiday, the Balkans may not immediately strike you as an ideal location. The region tends to be associated with the ‘90s conflicts that led to the dissolution of Yugoslavia. Since then, however, running has emerged as a popular activity, helping people reconnect.

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1 Jun

Lessons Of Children

Children running

The Bank Holiday weekend was a glorious one at home in Devon. The sunshine meant lots of time outdoors for the family and I. The beach, the park and a village fair all embraced the Broadbents into their sun-baked bosom. It was also a weekend of running.

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