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20 Apr

Greatest Day?

London Marathon runners

This week will end with the one of the greatest days in the lives of thousands of people. Yes, it’s London Marathon week. Runners from home and overseas will descend on the English capital for their first ever attempt at the 26.2mile distance.

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13 Apr

Why Weight?

WeightsI’d always been of the opinion that weight lifting was for weightlifters, running was for runners, and ne’er the twain shall meet, writes Neil Turner. Going to the gym was strictly for treadmill use, and the further away I was from poseurs pumping iron, the better. Then I did some research.

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30 Mar

Starting Early

Jo paveyI don’t know about you - but my 2-year-old son runs everywhere, writes Louise Sylvester. To the kitchen for ‘treats’, to the bath, to nursery, and of course to ‘say hello’ to the birds in the park. It is second nature to him. Since taking those first tentative steps he has realised that walking is for amateurs and he is the pro of pros!

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23 Mar

Club Together

Group RunnersRecently my club membership renewal email popped into my inbox. The secretary was asking for £12 for my annual membership. For this I get access to twice weekly coached training sessions and be part of a sociable gathering of like-minded running nuts.

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16 Mar

To Hell And Back

RunnerIt’s an unavoidable truth of racing life that sooner or later, at one point or another, it’ll all go horribly wrong – and we don’t mean just missing a new PB by a shoelace. So, make peace now with the fact that there’ll be a king-sized clanger of an event with your name on it in the not too-distant future. It’s how you deal with it when it comes that matters.

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