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24 Sep

Eat Well Race Better

Granola bars

A race is often the end goal of months of training and lots of effort. Although being optimally fuelled and hydrated before training runs is important to get the most out of each session, it is essential to have a nutrition plan in place for the days leading up to the race and the race day morning itself. Let’s look at three nutritional reasons why races can go wrong even when your training has been going so well.

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27 Aug

The Ice Man

Dave WeedsThis November Dave Weeds will take part in the Antarctic Ice Marathon as he aims to become a member of the prestigious 7 Continents Marathon Club. Here, we ask Dave a few questions on how you can prepare for a race in one of the most in inhospitable terrains on earth.

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15 Aug

Clyde And Seek

Jack and Kenny with Clyde

Thistle-themed mascot, Clyde, was one of the stars of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. He appeared at venues around the city and even managed to be cast in steel for his own series of statues. Inspired by the success of the Games, school teachers Jack Arnold of Bellahouston Harriers and Kenny Taylor of Dunoon Hill Runners and Westerland Cross Country Club set off to run by all 29 Clyde mascots on Wednesday 6 August. They told about their adventure.

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