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  • Why Breaking2 Feels Like Marathon 2.0

    20 Mar 2017

    Why this sub 2 hour marathon attempt isn't as exciting as it could be

  • Triple Inspiration

    15 Mar 2017

    Regular contributor Chris Broadbent has been drawing inspiration from all levels of the sport recently.

  • These Girls Can And Do

    8 Mar 2017

    The This Girl Can campaign is back and regular contributor Chris Broadbent has noticed the impact it is already having.

  • Be Charmed In Ireland

    22 Feb 2017

    A holiday to the Emerald Isle has much to offer the running fraternity. From big race action to scenic trails – our neighbour has it covered…

  • Happy Talk

    16 Feb 2017

    Chris Broadbent discusses how races help escape from the modern day habit of avoiding conversation in favour of our phone screens…

  • Common Running Injuries & How To Combat Them

    8 Feb 2017

    Jon Grayson at Six Physio focuses on running’s most common injuries…

  • Stepping Up

    1 Feb 2017

    Regular contributor Chris Broadbent takes a step into the unknown as he commits to his first ever ultra race.

  • The Real Fun Runners

    25 Jan 2017

    runABC looks at junior events on the UK running scene …

  • Taking The Muick

    23 Jan 2017

    runABC contributor discusses one of her favourite runs – traversing Loch Muick on the Balmoral Estate…

  • It's Fun Being A Fan

    18 Jan 2017

    Regular contributor Chris Broadbent spectates at a recent New Year event and savours the atmosphere from the sidelines.

  • Two Legs Good… Six Legs Better

    11 Jan 2017

    runABC looks at the benefits of taking to the trails with your four-legged friend

  • Why No Mo?

    21 Dec 2016

    Once again Mo Farah was overlooked for a top three place at this year's BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, regular contributor Chris Broadbent wonders why.

  • Fast And Famous

    14 Dec 2016

    Nell McAndrew has found considerable success since taking up running, runABC looks at some other multi-talented celebrities who are pretty decent runners…

  • Tis The Season To Be Jogging

    7 Dec 2016

    Running is one of the best parts of Christmas according to regular contributor Chris Broadbent

  • Windsor's Winning Model

    30 Nov 2016

    Nell McAndrew interview

  • Bah Humbug

    23 Nov 2016

    Christmas running gifts bring out the grumpy in him, explains Chris Broadbent

  • Tour De Force

    16 Nov 2016

    Running tours have become an increasingly popular way for tourists to explore foreign destinations. runABC spoke to two prominent tour guides about the recent phenomenon…

  • Book Review: The Man Inside The Machine

    7 Nov 2016

    The Man Inside The Machine review

  • New York, New York

    2 Nov 2016

    It's New York Marathon weekend and Chris Broadbent pays tribute to the epic race that has inspired so many

  • Getting Along Famously

    26 Oct 2016

    Neil Turner looks at how celebrities are using running to deal with the pressures of fame…