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17 Sep

Clan Do Attitude At Loch Ness

Loch ness clans

It’s a spectacle not seen in the Scottish Highlands for hundreds of years, but the hills will once again be filled with passionate clansmen as they lead a  charge through the countryside on 28 September. Almost 2,000 runners from the length and breadth of Britain – and further afield – will pledge allegiance to their clans in an effort to lift the title in the Clan Challenge at the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running.

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14 Sep

Running No Longer A Punishment

Nicky Morgan

Former education secretary, Michael Gove, caused a furore in February by issuing guidance for teachers stating that 'extra physical activity such as running around a playing field' should be used as punishment in schools. Now his successor, Nicky Morgan has written a private letter to David Moorcroft, interim chair of the Run Group, stating that she's asked for this guidance to be removed.

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10 Sep

Back To The Future Of Running

For anyone interested in the fundamentals of natural running, Colin McPhail from Scotland’s only natural running centre, Footworks in Edinburgh, has made a video to introduce runners to training techniques which will help your body to obtain more elasticity. 'Back to the Future of Running' is said to be ‘taking a new look at an old idea’ and teaches you how to use your body as a spring.

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