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How Many Miles A Week?

Two runners on the open road

How many miles do you run in a week? Are you an occasional runner who heads out every other week for 3 or 4 miles, or are you 'hardcore' - just the one rest day, a 15 mile long run at the weekend and plenty of steady running in between. Go online to and let us know your weekly mileage.

Our last poll asked - 'what makes you run' and you answered as follows:

  • 44.3% - maintain fitness
  • 22.7% - lose weight
  • 12.9% - compete in races
  • 8.8% - cope with stress
  • 3.1% - support charity
  • 1.5% - spend time with partner/friends

We think the nature of the response (high scores for maintaining fitness and weight loss) reflects that and SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE are popular resources for recreational runners. Now we want to build on that evidence and find out more about the extent of your training each week. So go online now and let us know the kind of runners you are. We'll publish the results at the end of March.

24 Hour Competition

Every 2 weeks will be bringing you a quickfire 24 hour competition. We'll notify subscribers of the competition in our regular e-newsletter, tell you about the prize and ask you a simple question.

mizuno wave inspire shoeFirst the prize

A pair of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 6. Support and cushioning combine with silky smooth transition in the Wave Inspire 6 and minimise mild tomoderate over-pronation in a seamless manner resulting in a great ride.

Second the question

Who Broke The World Marathon Record In Edinburgh in 1970?

  1. Damon Hill
  2. Ron Hill
  3. Benny Hill

Third how to enter

Go online to Win a Pair of Mizuno Shoes Today. We'll post the winner in the News section of at 4.00pm on Friday, February 12.

Chocolate - The Good News

image of Xocai chocolate boxIt's one of life's great treats but sometimes there's the temptation to over-indulge. We're talking about chocolate and for nutrition-conscious runners it's definitely in the occasional category. But now new research is suggesting that uniquely processed dark chocolate that has retained its antioxidant qualities can play an important role in developing and maintaining the immune system.

So, you stay healthy and get to eat lots of chocolate? Too good to be true - read the full story: Chocolate Power

West Highland Way Race Hero

Erskine charity fundraiser Chris Moon

The SCOTTISH RUNNING GUIDE charity of the month for February is Erskine - a cause that is particularly relevant in 2010 with British forces in action in Afghanistan and many of our soldiers becoming casualties of that conflict.

In our charity profile we feature Chris Moon who lost an arm and a leg clearing mines in Mozambique in 1995 and tell how a 'one armed, one legged bloke' completed the 96 miles of the West Highland Way Race within the 36 hour cut-off.